Licence No. 4201631605.
Jungle Travel Agency in Nha Trang

Jungle Travel was started by and is run by a man who has spent many years organizing and leading tours throughout Vietnam. His name is Thieu Quang Duy or Duy Jungle. He has spent 10yrs in the tourism business,which he loves. He has put together an experienced team of tour guides and office staff to look after all your needs.  His staff speak English and French.

Duy started Jungle Travel a few years ago as he saw a need for a  more tourist friendly tour company to let people discover the unexplored Vietnamese countryside.Thus allowing  the guests to enjoy a closer look at the lesser-known Vietnam countryside and its beautiful flora and fauna.You will also meet many interesting Ethnic people listen to their stories and see how they live.

These special sojourns are for those who seek experience in touring in a responsible manner that leads to sustainable development in the areas we travel through. We enjoy traveling in areas that are as little touristy as possible and where the local people have rarely met westerners, but which have enough facilities to make the trip as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

We visit places where tourists don't go and which haven't been destroyed by commercial tourism. So you will have the opportunity to experience the real Vietnam , the friendliness and the  warm hospitality of the Vietnamese people.

Jungle Travel will do its best to make your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible. Your health concerns will be well looked after and we will do everything possible to make your journey a memorable one. You will see a world that very few others, including guidebook writers, have ever seen.

Your payment helps cover  our cost of exploring and setting up these trips, as well as the cost of the trip itself. Unlike some tour companies, all of the money is spent here in Vietnam and paid to small services providers, who have proved to be honest and reliable.

We are a full travel agency and can take care of all your travel needs.Duy and and his team have lead many tours throughout Vietnam and can also recommend other trustworthy and reliable tour operators if necessary.

Please feel free to browse through the website and if anything catches your eye, contact us for a free quote.We can be contacted on-line,by skype or e-mail.Duy thanks you for taking the time to read this.